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Deenkee Cleaning Robot Works with Wi-Fi and Alexa, Super Suction, Super Thin

( 5 Reviews )

From DK600 to DK700

Avoid repeated cleaning

“4+2”cleaning modes

Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, DK700

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    Anti-collision system

    Multiple infrared sensors on the front ensure that the Dk700 will not damage the furniture during cleaning and prolong the service life of the machine.

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    Anti-fall system

    Three ground inspection sensors are installed at the bottom of the DK700 machine to ensure that the DK700 will not fall from stairs or other heights during cleaning. Safer and more reliable

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    When the power of DK700 is less than 20%, it will return to the charging base station by itself. Please make sure that there are no sundries around the charging base station, so as not to affect the recharge time of the sweeper.

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    Move Effortlessly

    Ultra-strong climbing ability can help to exceed the threshold up to 0.63 inch.

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    Smart cleaning modes

    The DK700 adds a gyroscope system, which makes cleaning more planned. The "S" type cleaning path can completely cover the cleaning area.DEENKEE is smarter and more efficient

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    Mapping the cleaning area

    The mobile APP can display the cleaned area and draw the cleaned area map. You can keep track of the DK700's work progress through the APP.

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    Ideal for Multiple Surfaces

    The vacuuming mode covers almost all floor types, like hardwood floors, tiles and low-pile rugs.

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    Strong suction

    The DK700 uses a brushless motor with a suction force of 1500PA and is more silent. Easy floor-to-carpet cleaning

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  • model number


  • color

    sky blue

  • Product weight


  • Product Size

    32,5 x 32,5 x 7,2 cm

  • capacity


  • volume


  • Suction


  • Battery Type

    DC14.4V Li-ion 2600mAh

  • Charge Time

    5-6 hours

  • Input


  • Max Runtime




Has anyone successfully connected Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes,our robot vacuum can absolutely connected Alexa and google assistant


Is its auto mode the same as DK600?

The auto mode of the DK700 we call it


Can I set the timing function to clean several times a day?

Yes,I have tried,it's easy to set the time


Does this work with Alexa?

Yes,DK700 can work with Alexa and Google Assistant


Does the vacuum has warranty?

Yes,we have 1-year refund and return warranty,and if you have any problems about the DK700,you can contact us anytime anywhere


DEENKEE DK700 User Manual.pdf


( 5 Reviews )

Easy to Use Robotic Vaccum

Amit Patel 11-19-2019


 I purchased this vacuum as I now have a young baby boy (8 months) and I wanted to keep the floor clean so he does not eat any garbage off the ground. I love this vacuum because it is compatible with Alexa and I am able to program the vacuum so it can run whenever I want. It is a pretty smart vacuum as it is able to clean my first floor with very little issues. It is able to clean without having to re-charge. My first floor is about 1,000 square feet. I do pick up my mats that are a couple inches thick because it is not able to go over them. The app is also nice and pretty easy to use. I have attached a video of the app while the vacuum is on so you get a better idea.

Smart robot works perfect

Amazing cucumber 11-16-2019


 It is my second vacuum cleaner robot. I wanted new one more smart and that works with Alexa and can be rule by phone. It works very good, build map of appartment and cleaning. It clean my appartment for 1,5 hours. Works very good on deep carpet. I like it

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