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Blender For Shakes And Smoothies,Professional-Grade Power,High-Speed Blender For Baby Food With 1000W, BPA Free,FDA, Recipes Including

( 5 Reviews )

High-Speed Blender With 1000W High Power

Small Blender Sealing Well, No Leaks

Mini Blender With High-Quality BPA Free, TRITAN material



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    step one

    Cut the fruit into square shapes

  • 06.jpg

    Step two

    Pour normal temperature water or milk into the cup

  • 07.jpg

    Step three

    After screwing on the knife cover, install it on the main unit. Press down, rotate the clockwise

  • 08.jpg

    Step four

    Plush the botton,choose the 3 mode according to you like. Each mode works automatically for 1 minute.


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  • Product Dimensions

    12.4 x 7.5 x 14.3 inches

  • Item Weight

    8.44 pounds

  • Shipping Weight

    8.45 pounds

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How long is the warranty on this?



Does this blender work for well for grinding up chia and flax seeds?

i never try


Can you make nut butters (grinding almonds, peanuts, etc.) with this blender?

It does NOT advise against that in the instructions but it does say not to blend ice cubes without liquid in it at the same time. It says to run for no more than 1 minute at a time and rest for 1 minute if you need to blend more. I had another smoothie blender that said the same thing, which I returned, but this is a great blender. It is designed for smoothies with liquid so I would say probably not.


The leaking and rusting problem will happening ?



Does this blend ice in smoothies well?

Yes. It is better than the other blenders I have



( 5 Reviews )

Good and powerful blender

Pei-Tzu Chen 05-07-2019


This one should be the one that I love the most. Two big cups and powerful blender. Also, no leaking and easy to twist the lid to open and close. I used it to blend frozen strawberry. It is easily and fast to blend it to smoothie. The blade designed two crosses shape, it can be smashed in very fine smoothies or juice. I am very satisfied this blender. I am using everyday and hope I can use it for many years.

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