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6 cleaning modes,timing function for pet hair,hard floor,carpet

( 10 Reviews )

New updated "4+2"cleaning modes for pet hair,hard floor,carpet

Super-Thin "2.8" and 55DB Low Noise

2600mAh Long Battery Life

Freely Cleans From Floor to Carpets

Picks Up More Pet Hair Than Other Robot Vacuums



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    “4+2” Cleaning Modes

    “4+2” Cleaning Modes include Auto/Spot/Edge/Single Room/Schedule/Max Power Cleaning Modes. You can start DK600 to clean the room according to your schedule.

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    Broad Cleaning Range

    The cleaning range of DK600 is up to 1.2m, and the range is large, which improves the cleaning quality.

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    Anti-Fall Protection

    The ground sensors on the bottom of the DK600 ensures that the robot vacuum will not fall from the stairs during the cleaning process. It is safer and more reliable. You do not have to pay attention to it all the time.

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    When the power of the vaccums cleaner robot is less than 20%, DK600 will return automatically to the charging base to charge itself. Charging time is about 5-6H.

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    Crosses the 0.63-inch Threshold

    Super climbing ability can help the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner easily overcome the slope of 0.63 inches (1.6 cm), which makes it easy to switch from floor to carpet.

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    About 90 Mins Cleaning Time

    2600mAh large capacity battery provides about 90 mins of cleaning time.

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    Oversized Dust Box 0.5L

    DK600 automatic vaccums cleaner robot improves the volume of the dust box to 0.5L, which ensures the DK600 can complete each cleaning task.

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    High-Efficiency Filter

    Triple air purification filters can help you filter dust multiple times to ensure cleanliness. After each cleaning, you can wash the dust bucket and filter, and the filter can be reused after drying.

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  • Product Name

    Deenkee DK600

  • Input

    100-240V AC

  • Max Runtime


  • Charge Time

    5-6 hours

  • Battery Type

    DC 14.4V Li-ion 2600mAh

  • Dust Collector Capacity


  • Sensor Technology


  • Max Suction Power


  • Auto-Dock and Recharge


  • Ledge Detection


  • Item Size




Does it recharge automatically after every cleaning?

Yes,you don't need to worry about power,vacuum with


Can this vacuum go from hard floor to carpet?

Absolutely okay,DK600 can go from hard floor to carpet without effort


Can I set it to start during the day,how long is the battery life?

You can program it to start automatically at a specific time if you wish to,I left it on


Will it repeatedly clean an area?

No,it won't,it has 4+2 different cleaning modes


How many modes for the cleaner when it is working?

total 4 modes for the cleaner when it is cleaning


DEENKEE DK600 User Manual.pdf


( 10 Reviews )

Great Value and High Quality

Vee Morgan 07-05-2019


I absolutely love this vacuum! We were gifted a Roomba vacuum a couple years back and the Roomba does not even come close to touching the quality of this one. I will tell you the difference.

-This vacuum is more quiet and my dog doesn’t get scared of it.
-You can control it with a remote
-The battery last for HOURS!
- can go on carpet and clean very well
-Easy to program
- It doesn’t bump into walls, but senses it before it hits it.
- it has longer rotor brushes
-way better price!

I definitely recommend this product

Amazing !

Enyd torres 07-04-2019


I have only had this product for a day and let me tell you..... it’s amazing!!! I’m completely satisfied with it, worth every penny. It maps out your home or the room that it is cleaning, it even returns to its home base once it’s done or when the battery is low it’s pretty amazing watching it return to its base on its own.

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