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DEENKEE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Stick and Handheld Vacuum with 17Kpa Powerful Suction & Wall-Mount, 35-Minute Lasting Time for Carpet Hard Floor Pet Hair Dust Cleaning

( 5 Reviews )

Provides an Impressive 17Kpa Suction and 200W Power.

Wireless Vacuum Cleaner&Noise Free

3 Stages Full-Sealed Filtration System

Wall Bracket for Easy Storage



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Deenkee cordless vacuum cleaner

It can help you clean your house more easily! Deenkee handheld vacuum cleaner has no annoying cables, you will not be limited to one cable to quickly clean your home, car, kitchen, office or small space!

    · Battery capacity: 2200 mAh lithium ion
    · Two suction levels: normal 9000Pa; maximum 17000Pa
    · Maximum operating time: 35 min.
    · Charging time: 4 hours
    · Powder volume: 0.6L
    · Weight: 2.8 kg
    · Noise level: 70 dB.

New experience, comfortable life
Deenkee is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of vacuum cleaners. We are all over the world and we have advanced technology. We hope to provide customers from all over the world with the best products and the best attention.

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    17kpa powerful suction

    Cordless vacuum adopts a powerful 200 watt motor that runs up to 80,000 rpm. The vacuum provides 2 adjustable suction modes: up to 35 minutes for the standard 9Kpa suction mode and 18min for the strong 17Kpa suction mode.

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    2200mAh lithium battery

    2200 mAh high-performance lithium-ion battery provides up to 35 minutes of operation, you can clean the entire house without recharging it

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    Efficient Filtration System

    Fully sealed 3-stage filtration system captures extra fine dust, dirt, dog hair, food debris, blocks small particles, expelling fresh, non-allergenic air. All filters are washable, durable and easy to clean.

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    Led lights

    The DEENKEE vacuum cleaner is equipped with LED lights and therefore can be used in darker areas, either under the sofa or under the bed

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    Multiple Charging Method

    You can charge the vacuum in a wall-mounted manner by attaching the included charging station to the wall to save storage space; Or place the charging station on the proper flat surface, then plug in the main unit for quick and convenient charging.

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    Garbage release with one button

    At the click of a button, the bottom lid of the vacuum opens and all trash falls out automatically.

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    Washable accessories

    Accessories can be easily washed with water.
    Advice: To ensure the best suction performance, regularly clean the filter, dust container, and brushes.

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    Pay attention

    Don't worry if you roll your hair into the vacuum brush. To solve this problem, you just need to cut the hair with scissors.

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  • Product Dimensions

    28.7 x 11.8 x 5.1 inches

  • Item Weight

    3.02 pounds

  • Shipping Weight

    9.35 pounds

  • Manufacturer


  • ASIN


  • Batteries

    1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)



Does this vacuum pick up sand on tile?

Sure, its suction reaches 17,000pa, but clean the sand on the floor and try not to use long poles.


Can it pick up wet items?

Please reduce the need to clean up wet items as this will reduce product durability


Would it let me vaccumm by 3000 sq house without charging it?

Depends how long u take. Battery is good for about 40 minutes


Can this vacuum us it on the mattress ?

Usually it can be used in many scenarios. Its suction reaches 17Kpa, I think there is no problem in cleaning the mattress.


Approximately how long does the battery last how long does it take to charge and how many batteries does it come with?

Fully charged, it can be used for about 35 minutes in the low range, the battery power is 2200mAh, the package contains a battery. If you need more, you need to buy it separately!



( 5 Reviews )

Absolutely love this vacuum!

CJH 06-11-2019


It is an amazing product! Bought this vacuum for my wife, it's so easy and so much fun, that even me enjoy cleaning house with this Cordless Vacuum Cleaner!

This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was cleaned as good as any cordless vacuum I've seen. I can honestly say, It's lightweight and can do the cleaning in a multi-surface clearing, plus many types of settings and adjustable suction speeds are my favorite benefits. It was meant for us, and it can easily maneuver to let me can easily switch from cleaning around the house to taking it outside using it in my car too.

I have had cheaper, lightweight brands in the past, that was difficult to dismantle every time I had to clean out the filter and bagless cup.
This vacuum has One-Click Garbage Disposal design, 3 stages full sealed filtration system, all filters are washable, more durable and easy to clean. Let you easy to take the filter out, rinse it off, let it dry and pop it back in. The cup that collects the dust and dirt will have to be emptied frequently, but on the positive side, it is extremely light and able to be used with one hand.
Adjustable suction speeds are ideal for all floor types including hard floor and carpet, etc. Cleans Edges, Corners Well, Easy to Empty Filter, Easy to Use, Good for All Surfaces, Steerable makes maneuvering around tight turns and furniture a breeze, with led Indicator Lights.
Looks Great, Nice Design, Performs Well, Strong Suction, Sturdy, wall bracket for easy storage, the runtime is upgradable.
When fully charged, it can be used for about 35 minutes in the low range, easy to carry it from one room to another and avoids stressful situations of tangled wires all around.

The only suggestion is to improve the noise, but the noise is acceptable compared to the other brands I have used. This vacuum operates at a lower frequency which sounds less annoying.

I continue to be impressed with how well it vacuums, If you want a house cleaner, I recommend getting one and your husband will love it start cleaning! Great vacuum! Very happy with it!!

Powerful little vacuum

Dan 06-10-2019


Very comparable to the dyson cordless vacuum. My dyson recently gave out on me so i thought id give this one a try and i am glad i did. The build style and quality is very similar. I like this vacuum because it doesnt require me to constantly hold my finger on the trigger to activate suction. This way i can vacuum a whole room without my hand cramping. There are 2 different suction strengths and it works great on both carpet and hardwood. Overall, the price is well worth the quality. Theres even a 24 month warranty. Definitely recommend to try if you are looking for a dyson alternative for a fraction of the price.

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